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Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Haviest Elements

             *The Haviest Elements:-
  1. OSMIUM-  It is the heaviest element of all (22.61g/cub cm). It was discovered by the British chemist Smithson tannant in 1803. He names it after the Greek word for smell because it smell bad. Osmium is very hard , and is used to  make hard- wearing points such as the nibs of fountain pens.
  2. Platinum- Platinum was  used before anyone realized that it was an element. It weighs almost as much as osmium(21.45g/cub cm) and is used to make jewellery that s even more expansive than gold. It is also used in catalytic converters in cars to reduce the pollution from exhaust gases.
  3. Plutonium- It was discovered  in 1941and is a heavy and highly radioactive metal. It is used as a nuclear fuel and in nuclear weapons.
  4. Gold- It is the best know of all heavy metals(19.299g/cub cm).It is used to make jewellary and coins etc.

         *Elements in sea water :-
  1. Oxygen - 857,000
  2. Hydrogen - 107,800
  3. Chlorine - 19,870
  4. Sodium - 11,0050
  5. Magnesium - 1,326
      *Highest melting point:-
    1. Carbon - 3,527 C
    2. Tungsten - 3,433 C
    3. Rhenium - 3,186 C
    4. Osmium - 3,033 C
    5. Tantalum - 3,017 C

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